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QUEENFORD s.r.o. was officially established in June 2003 as a sequential company of ProCorp, the company which has carried business in the field of international and domestic forwarding, logistics and consultancy since 1993.

Since 1998 the company has participated in several great projects and orders in logistics, among those it worth to mention about supply optimising of BauMax business network in the Czech Republic or establishment of consumer electronics´ distribution system of BOSCH SIEMENS company.

As for international shipping, besides the road transport the company provides air and sea freights and special air carrying.

Since 2002 the company has extended the range of its services and has started to secure an in-house transportation and manipulation and packaging system logistics through method of outsourcing.

To satisfy increasing requirements of customers and after the discussions with longstanding specialists in the area of air and sea frights, the owner of ProCorp company decided to establish a new company Ė QUEENFORD s.r.o.

The company has got three branches at the present and constructs its commercial representatives in South Bohemia and Moravia , where we hope to be able to offer the full service in our own branch to our customers in the very near future.

A part of the company development and development of its services to customers is introducing of a quality system meeting the standard of ISO 9000 in which despite of essential employees of the company takes share also an external consultancy firm. When the system is ready, we will begin the certification with reputable classification society.

Let me allow express my thanks to all our customers, co-operators, partners and supporters for their cooperation and partnership.

Martin Juris, Managing Director

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